1. hello there! want some ice cream?

  2. Lyrics from RED

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  3. you go talk to your friends, talk to my friends,

    talk to me but we are never ever ever ever getting back together

    like, ever.

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  4. Skype with my bestfriend ❤️ missed her!!!!

  5. x

    Its my first time to see her smile during all too well ❤️

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  6. "“I want to find someone who makes me believe that love could work. I’m never going to get past hoping love works out.” ― Taylor Swift"
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    #REDTour heads to Asia in 7 Days! ~Taylor Nation

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  8. Guess who’s this? It’s me! Joke. It’s Janella Salvador :) okay so, I posted my selfie picture on instagram. And then one friend told me that I looked like Janella Salvador on my 5th picture. (Collage) And then I was really like, seriously?!?!! 😱 hahaha! A while ago, when I woke up, my former classmate tweeted me. Saying “@delacruzeeana, kamukha mo oh!!!” And then there’s a picture of Janella. I retweeted it. Someone tweeted me again. My friend, saying “kamukha mo nga” “pati ilong pati mata” “pati muka” AS IN SERIOUSLY??? Omg hahaha….

    and then I changed my twitter icon. It’s Janella. Somebody tweeted me, “@delacruzeeana Akala ko ikaw yang nasa icon mo, kahawig mo!! Hahaha :-)” i am really so flattered right now…. Hahaha!
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    Fortune cookie

    cool fortune cookie HAHAHAHAHA!